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After School and Summer Programs

The After School and Summer Program is a service provided by Hope Extreme that is instrumental to the educational growth of students living in under resourced environments in the east Houma area. The overall achievement of students is our main focus.   The Hope Extreme After School and Summer Program is currently provided to forty-five (45) students in kindergarten through sixth grade annually who need intensive educational assistance.  Hope Extreme's innovative programs help children, teens and young adults reach their goals and dream for the change that they long to see in their future. Hope Extreme's vision is to bring change to all of the lives living in the east Houma area for years to come.


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Momentum Teens

It's hard being a teen. It's even harder being a teen in under-resourced environments and that is why Momentum teens exist to provide a place for students in junior high and high school to be themselves and grow in their relationships.

This group meets every Wednesday at 6:30 and everyone is always welcome.  From there these students attend special events such as teen camp, discipleship weekends, concerts and the like.  All students are encouraged to let go of environments and influences and be who they were intended to be.  We also have school clubs in several of the junior highs and high schools as well.

Hope Hang Out

Hope Extreme is seeking funding for its newest project Hope Gardens and Park.  This project will encompass the entirety of yard and lot directly behind the Hope Extreme building.  Currently this lot is vacant and is known in the east Houma community for disturbances and illegal activity of all sorts.  This activity then allows for these types of practices to continue and spread into east Houma.  Additionally, the vacancy and blight further attract the same type of behavior and problems in the surrounding community. 


Hope Extreme wants not only to alleviate this type of activity but to transform the neighborhood with the hope that comes from beautification and activities that will be open to the entirety of the neighborhood. 

Hope Serves

At times it seems bleak, the reports are getting worse, and the violence, crime, and addiction is epidemic, and most of east Houma has been hit hard by Hurricane Ida in 2021.   That is why we take service to the streets.  Someone has to do something, and we believe that someone is us right here in east Houma.  One of our main focuses in 2022 will be picking up debris and trash that was left over from the storm.  Any service group or program is welcome to help us in these efforts.

Hope Community Fridges and Showers

Hope Feeds mission is to help alleviate hunger in the Houma area by providing residents with needed food and essential items.  This focus includes promoting the value of nutrition, increasing self-sufficiency, and instilling hope.


From our 24/7 Blessing Table, Homeless Showers, and Food and Supply pantry, needs in the Houma community area are being met on a constant basis.  This program is in constant need of donations which includes non-perishable food items, toiletries, and any other items that would help bring hope here in the community of Houma. Donations are accepted Monday through Thursday from 9 until 4.

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