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And Just Like That!!

What a wonderful summer this has been as we have returned to summer camps and programs that truly have offered life change to all. We saw teens impacted by the good news that Jesus brings and growing in their walk with the Lord. Also, young students enjoyed an action-packed week at VBS where they learned they were created on purpose for a PURPOSE. Not only that we were able to feed the homeless and under privileged, start work on our 24/7 Hope Fridges located on site, and continue work on our showers as our parking lot and property has been cleaned up from Hurricane Ida.

We watched the life change happen right before our eyes. WOW!!

With that being said, this has also been a challenging time for us financially as we have seen prices almost double particularly in our wind/hail insurances, gas for vehicles, and energy bills, as well as increase collectively in all other areas. And due to the impact of Hurricane Ida on our particular area, it has been a lot harder to raise funds.

Would you consider partnering with us during this time? By

becoming a monthly partner or giving a one-time donation, it would help us to make it through these challenging times and march forward to a better future. Thank you for your generosity.

437 Grand Caillou | (985) 873-3145 |

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