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In Need of Hope

Welcome to 2024 where HOPE is not just a word, but a reality in East Houma! Our mission stands strong as Hope Extreme provides holistic, revitalizing, and life-changing programs that empower the marginalized and under-resourced with Hope.

But what does that look like on a daily basis?

This morning as we opened our building during our unusually cold winter a young lady was in desperate need of “thawing out.”  The temperatures dropped into the 20’s and she needed a place to just get warm. While we were able to supply her with necessities and even a warm bowl of soup, we were also able to minister to her the love and compassion of JESUS that brings Hope! That is truly what changes things.

A Hope that is Extreme.

And that continues to be our mission in 2024.

We are excited to continue in our latest initiatives to bring hope to the community. Hope Fridges will provide free food to those in need, while our After School Programs will keep kids engaged, learning, and safe after school hours. Our Summer Camps will provide an enriching experience for children while our Hope Showers will ensure that basic hygiene needs are met. And that's not all! Our Hope Food Distribution program will ensure that no one in East Houma goes hungry. Join us in making a difference in the lives of those around us. Let's bring hope to East Houma together!

So How Can You Be a part of Stories Like This?

This is what makes New Years so important as it is the time of year where we raise funding to help us continue in the mission and vision of Hope Extreme.

We know that with your support we can move into 2024 with the necessary help that will enable Hope Extreme not just to survive, but thrive as we bring Hope into the New Year!

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