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Same Mission New Vision

It has been a different kind of two years, to say the least, but that doesn’t

mean our Mission has changed in any way. In fact, we only see

expansion in our mission of providing holistic, revitalizing, and life-

changing programs that empower the marginalized and under-resourced

with Hope.

So what does that mean on a practical level?

--In 2022 our vision is to expand the reach of our Signature After School

Program to include immersive curricular workshops for High School

Do you shop on Amazon? Did you know that if you shop on Amazon Smile and pick Hope Extreme as your charity of choice, a percentage of your shopping will be donated to Hope Extreme at no cost to you. WOW!! That’s a simple way to make a difference in your 2022. students focusing on areas such as College Prep, ACT Prep, Robotics,

Financial Literacy, and the like.

--In 2022 our vision is to expand the Food and Supply Pantry to a 24/7

accessible stocked fridge (modeling after New Orleans Community

Fridge’s Non-Profit) that will benefit those in our community who

are in need.

Hope Extreme exists to provide holistic, revitalizing, and life-changing programs that empower the marginalized and under-resourced with Hope. (985) 873-3145 | | 437 Grand Caillou Houma --In 2022 our vision is to complete the Homeless Shower and Kitchen

Facility that was begun prior to Hurricane Ida.

--In 2022 our vision is to expand once again Hope Serves to help our

community that was affected by Hurricane Ida. This will include having

trash pick-up days, hosting teams that want to serve, and helping

with general repairs to homes.

--In 2022 our vision is to expand our property and reach, whether that is

at our preset physical location or a property that opens up within the

coming months.

Would you consider partnering with us in 2022? Perhaps you would

consider giving or becoming a monthly donor. Another way to partner

with us is to donate food and supplies to our panty. Or maybe you have a

team that would be willing to help through Hope Serves.

We would love to have your support and prayers as we march forward

with fresh vision in 2022!!

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