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Throw Up a Cheer

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

It’s here!! The new school year!!

Some students groan, and some throw up cheers.

What you do often depends on the environment that you find yourself in.

Research is clear that poverty is the single greatest threat to children’s well-being. And it is why some kids groan. Not because they are poor but because of the environment that the poor often find themselves in.

Did you notice our local school reports here in east Houma? Though no school is failing, D schools should not be acceptable. Groan. What about the bullying that is running rampant? How can a kid be excited when literally we have seen 7th and 8th graders crying in the hallways because it is just too much? Another groan. Or what about the pressure that takes over and our students can barely think because they are so busy trying to survive. Double groan.

And here we are. We have heard a groan or two for sure and maybe groaned a little ourselves.

But this is where Hope Extreme comes in.

And this is where the groans change to cheers! And this is where students learn that they are valued and learn a value in education. This is where learning is done year after year. Right here at Hope Extreme’s After School and Summer education programs. And this is where you can help us cheer as well!!

Investments in the most vulnerable children are so critical. Would you consider investing in them, our future? As a school year begins we would love you to partner with us and help bring radical change for years to come. Thank you for your generous giving and cheers.

Special Investments:

Special Investments:

Expand Part Time Staffing: $12,000

Quarterly Field Trips: $2,000

Supplies and Snacks for Month: $750

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