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IT's the ALL A Honor Roll

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

Probably one of my favorite things is to go to an Honor Roll Awards program at the local schools here in east Houma. Maybe it is the smiles. Perhaps it the pure joy on the kids’ faces or that they give out some great prizes like free Cane's meals and Icees, and honestly, I just love anything that is free!!

But this past Friday might have been a little bit extra special. Because you know what these kids have been through and you know what it took to get on the stage. Without going into too many details for one young man it took a lot.


Everything was in disarray in his life. His mother was in and out of jail and basically, he lived as he wanted with no care and attention. He was being raised by his siblings with no supervision and absolutely no structure.

But that is not his story any more.

And Friday his smile proved it because not only was he on the honor roll, he was on the ALL A Honor Roll and we were just so proud. It takes a lot to get there especially with the rigorous testing and teaching these days. What was impossible a year ago was possible through prayer and a lot of love and help along the way. So, thank you for being a part of these stories because we couldn't be there without you. Thank you for helping us bring radical change to the lives of east Houma’s urban youth.

Bringing Radical Change. One life at a Time

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