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Hope Can Be Extreme

Hope /hop/ a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

Ex·treme /ikˈstrēm/ reaching a high or the highest degree; very great.

It’s the word we have hung our hat on for over ten years and still the reason why we do all the things that we do week in and week out. Maybe for the lady that came into our newly opened Thrift Store Hope Treasures to find a deeply discounted treasure while telling us of the horrific things that had happened to her in the hands of her father and that we were able to become friends and ultimately lead her to Jesus the greatest friend that sticks closer than a brother.

Or for the Homeless that are always welcome at Hope Community Church and just two weeks ago heard a message on the importance of fasting for a breakthrough and after fasting through the rest of the day our God heard his prayers and that very Monday, he obtained a job in the community.

Or should we tell you of the lady that came through Hope Restored Pregnancy Resource Center looking to end life because she could see no other options, but after offering her Hope and a plan she kept her baby and the gift of life was given to her entire family.

Or right here at Hope Extreme where 3rd grade students that were failing and not able to succeed are able to sit down with a certified teacher and learn the skills that are necessary to push their grades up and help them be successful for years to come.

And we are not finished, because that is what Hope is, waiting in expectation for things to happen knowing that this is just the tip of things to come right here at Hope Extreme. As we provide holistic, revitalizing, and life-changing programs that empower the marginalized and under-resourced with Hope this Christmas season would you consider being a part. Being a part of the change that is happening right here in east Houma. All gifts are tax deductible and help bring radical change throughout the year. This year, would you consider giving a great gift that will bring change for years to come?

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