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Impossible is not a WORD

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

Statistics would say it is impossible to catch up.

By age 3, kids with professional parents are already a full year ahead of their poorer peers. They know twice as many words and score 40 points or higher on IQ tests. By age 10, the gap is three years.

That is why Alexandro this 2nd grader is so unusual. Because pre-k was a struggle. And kindergarten made him even further behind. And in first grade he made a determined effort just to pass a test.

But not this year. This year for the first time ever he made the A/B honor roll.

And what a success story he is.

Here are two of the reasons why.

The average kid in America spends about half his waking hours up until the age of 18 outside of school--- we don't ignore that time. Spending two hours a day here at Hope Extreme helps to lessen that gap. Spending educational summers here at also helps the students prepare for the next school year.

Not only that we recognize the value of individualized attention. There is nothing like the volunteers that help Alex with his homework. The small classroom settings allow him to get the instruction that he needs in a way that he understands. And the hope and prayers help move him into the student that he can be.

And so we celebrate with him, at the same time knowing that the need is tremendous. There are so many Alexandros out there and with your faithful support and giving we are reaching one at a time. Thank you for helping bring radical change to the lives of east Houma's urban youth.

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