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Reinforcement is Vital Vital Vital

So, you learn a new lesson, for example multiplication facts. But instead of getting multiple weeks to learn it, you receive the information and then almost immediately get a Common Core Test on the information that you just received.

And so, the student does poorly. Really poorly.

And this happens over and over again.

The student then gets so far behind, failure is usually not an option, it’s a given.

It’s not the teacher’s fault because it is what they have been mandated to do by the state, but the repercussion is devastating to a child’s learning. And on top of that you add the home environment and the learning environment and it all becomes a recipe for failure.

And that is why reinforcement is vital.

Sometimes it is the only way that we can remember what we have been taught and the same is true of Hope Extreme students. It is usually impossible for anyone to learn something the first go around and reteaching is necessary, and that is what Hope Extreme does on a daily basis.

Every child that walks through our doors gets the reinforcement that they desperately need. So, if you are in 4th grade and the concept of rounding has alluded you, get ready because there will be another lesson at Hope Extreme to help you learn, and not just learn--excel. And these 4th grade students are SOAKING UP EVERY MOMENT. Thank you for your generous giving that allows us to help every student that we come into contact with.

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