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When Opportunity Knocks

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

I took dance for nine years though I can’t dance to save my life.

I was active in tball and softball until fast pitch came around and I became deathly afraid of the ball. And music lessons, and swimming, and drama, and everything else that you can imagine.

Most likely you have done the same or you are doing that for your kids. Offering the one thing to them that makes all the difference. OPPORTUNITY. And from there we picked out what our giftings and talents were and moved forward in that direction.

But what if that didn’t happen for you. No lessons. No extracurricular learning. Just the streets, and the schools that are filled up by the people on the streets, and the environment that comes with it. Basically, OPPORTUNITY never knocks because it never presents itself.

Until this summer at Hope Extreme.

This summer has been different for us in that we have taken a break from the books and offered students the one thing that has been missing, OPPORTUNITY. Different organizations came in and offered their skills and talents to a group of young people that were so eager to listen and learn. And learn they did. From robotics to martial arts and ball room dancing and theater the classrooms have been full of students learning things that were foreign to them but instrumental in developing young people full of opportunity.

We would like to thank Justin with Extreme Mix Martial Arts, Carrie with Studio 371, Alaina Gautreaux with Southern Theater Arts Guild, Mimi Porche with Fitness Frenzy, Shane , Daniel with Tiger Rock Martial Arts, and Charles Lindy Hammonds with Hammonds Air Service, Athena Savoie with Terrebonne Art, and Katie with Terrebonne Parish Library Systems.



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