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When Mr. J come to PREACH

The students were filing in. By ones, twos, and groups of friends.

Some coming willingly. Some quite honestly were being forced.

But the message was worth hearing. Mr J. was getting ready to speak and he demanded absolute silence. Well actually his story demanded it. He told of being raised by prostitutes after his grandmother died and being forced to eat food out of garbage cans. He told of drugs, anger, and abandonment, all stories that our kids deal with on a daily basis.

But here is where the story gets crazy, after watching his sister get raped, he murdered the two young men that did it. Yes, you read that right, he murdered them at the ripe age of 17. He went to prison, then death row. Yes, you read that right too, death row. And in those moments on the electric chair He made a decision toward Christ.

And that one decision changed the trajectory of his life.

Because Christ changes life, even on electric chairs.

And that is the message that he gave to all the students that were listening to his voice.

They don’t have to be a product of the streets.

They don’t have to be a product of their environment. Because of Christ they can follow their God given purposes and plans that God designed for them since birth. And believe me every student was listening. Thank you for helping these God sized missions happen every single day at Hope Extreme.

Change is Coming.

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