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A decade is a LONG TIME

It’s always our goal to stick with our students throughout the years, because years matter, and life matters, and dreams matter, and most importantly eternity matters.

And so it is with Samantha and Sam.

The Hope for them was and is in the waiting.

Though they started with us a young children, it’s in the growing up where change happens. In the waiting. In the process. In the walk.

Think of the greats in the Bible like Abraham, Moses, and even Anna as she waited to see baby Jesus in the house of the Lord. What a waiting that must have been. But the waiting is essential to Hope, because not everything works as planned, and not everything is easily solved, but Hope that is Extreme walks alongside and stands firm on the promises that were spoken and waits patiently until Hope becomes visualized.

For the Samanthas and Sams, thank you for partnering with us and helping us accomplish this mission right here at Hope Extreme year after year. We couldn’t do it without you and your support.

And this 2020, to help us provide holistic, revitalizing and life-changing programs that empower the marginalized and under-resourced with Hope, would you consider becoming a monthly partner? This is what keeps us running with purpose and vision for the new year. Thank you in advance.We can’t wait to see what the Lord does for the Samanthas and Sams in our community.

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